Happy Pana Sankranti 2024: Best wishes, messages and greetings to share with friends and family

Happy Pana Sankranti 2024: The Odia people of Odisha, India, celebrate Pana Sankranti, also called Maha Bishuba Sankranti, as their traditional New Year’s celebration.

This auspicious event occurs on the first day of the lunar month of Baisakha, which corresponds to the solar month of Meṣa in the Odia calendar. This year, on Sunday, April 14, the event will be held grandly and enthusiastically.

In rural Odisha, especially, the making and distribution of a sweet drink called “pana” is central to the celebrations. In addition, the event honors Lord Jagannath, who is credited with creating the pana drink.

With its vivid celebrations, Pana Sankranti reflects the dynamic cultural legacy of Odisha and represents rebirth, fresh starts, and community spirit.

Here are some kind words, wishes and greetings to share on Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media sites if you and your family are commemorating Pana Sankranti. This will help to make the day even more memorable.

  • May Pana Sankranti’s sweetness bring happiness and wealth into your life. I’m wishing a happy New Year to you and your family.
  • I’m wishing a happy Pana Sankranti to you and your family, full of joy, prosperity, and wonderful memories.Happy Pana Sankranti 2024
  • Warmest regards and best wishes on this auspicious Pana Sankranti day. I hope you and your loved ones have a lot of success and happiness this event brings.
  • I hope and pray that you receive many blessings, excellent health, and success in all of your endeavors on this auspicious occasion of Pana Sankranti.
  • May the divine graces of Lord Jagannath guide you and your family towards a prosperous and peaceful New Year as we celebrate Pana Sankranti.
  • Let us greet the New Year with pleasure and open hearts. I hope you and your family have a happy Pana Sankranti.
  • May you have an abundance of appreciation on this auspicious Pana Sankranti day, laughter in your household, and unending joy in your life.


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