Diwali Muhurat Trading 2023: Share Trading Time, Tips

Diwali Muhurat Trading 2023: In the Hindu calendar, Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is an auspicious occasion. It represents the win of good over evil, wisdom over ignorance, and light over darkness.

Diwali is surrounded by a multitude of beliefs, customs, and traditions, just like every other religious holiday. The trading of muhurats is one such custom. We will talk about this custom today, as well as all the information you require regarding Muhurat Trading time.

Muhurat Trading 2023

“Muhurat” refers to a happy moment. When the planets are in a favorable alignment to guarantee favorable outcomes, it is known as Muhurat in Hindu tradition.

Indian traders often perform a custom known as muhurat trading. On the day of Diwali, there is a one-hour window of time that is seen lucky for stock investments. Every year, the stock exchange sets the timing for Muhurat trading.

Beliefs hold that traders who engage in business during this hour are more likely to make money and enjoy prosperity all year long. This is usually in the evening of Diwali, and most individuals would rather purchase stocks in honor of Goddess Lakshmi during this time. This is exclusive to the stock markets in India.

Stockbrokers celebrated Diwali as the traditional start of the new year. Thus, during the auspicious Muhurat period on Diwali, they would open fresh settlement accounts for their clients.

On Diwali, the brokerage community would also undertake Chopda Pujan, or worship their books of accounts. With Muhurat commerce, a variety of faiths were connected.

Among them, the main one was that Gujarati merchants and investors bought shares during this time, while Marwari traders and investors sold equities during the Muhurat because they thought money shouldn’t be in the house on Diwali. Presently, this isn’t true, even though there’s no data to support it.

Diwali Muhurat Trading 2023 Date and Time

Stock Exchanges, on November 12, the day of Diwali, BSE and NSE will have a unique, one-hour trading session called the diwali muhurat trading session.

Exchanges of stocks On November 12, the day of Diwali, BSE and NSE will have a unique, one-hour trading session called the muhurat trading session.

Muhurat Trade 2023

Since there are a lot of trades during the Muhurat trading session, it is an ideal moment to buy or sell stocks. Additionally, the market is typically positive when people are hopeful about the economy and the stock markets due to the holiday mood, which is centered on prosperity and wealth. Therefore, this is a fantastic moment for traders and investors of all experience levels to profit from the Muhurat trading session.

Diwali is celebrated for bringing in wealth and success for those who believe in auspicious planetary alignments. Diwali can therefore be an excellent day to start investing in equities if you have never done so before.


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