INS Androth: GRSE Launches The Most Silent Ship INS Androth

Kolkata: A second anti-submarine warfare shallow water vessel (ASW SWC) named INS Androth was launched at Garden Reach Ship Builders. Wherever they are deployed, it is used to safeguard the low-draft coastal surroundings. Arnala, the first one, was released last year.

Anti-submarine activities in coastal areas, Low Intensity Maritime activities (LIMO), and mine laying operations are the main responsibilities of the ASW SWC. These ships can conduct coordinated ASW operations with aircraft and full-scale subsurface surveillance of coastal waterways and different surface platforms.

The 36 islands in the Arabian Sea that are part of Indian jurisdiction were emphasized by the INS Androth for their strategic value.

These ships are just 2.7 meters deep and 77.6 meters long, with a beam of 10.5 meters. These ships are capable of traveling at a top speed of 25 knots thanks to their three diesel-powered water jets.

Despite their diminutive stature, these ships have deadly punch. They will be equipped with 16.7 mm stabilized remote-controlled guns, 30 mm close-in weapon system, ASW rockets, mines, and light torpedoes. A low frequency variable depth sonar and hull mounted sonar will be installed aboard the ASW SWC.


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