PM Launches Amrit Bharat Railway Station Scheme,1309 Stations To Redevelop

PM Launches Amrit Bharat Railway Station Scheme: Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi virtually launched the Amrit Bharat Railway Station Scheme on Sunday. Under this, 1309 railway stations across the country will be re-developed. In the first phase, 508 stations have been included in this schemes.

These 508 stations are in 27 states and union territories of the country. In the first phase, 55-55 stations in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, 49 in Bihar, 44 in Maharashtra, 34 in Madhya Pradesh, 37 in West Bengal, 32 in Assam, 25 in Odisha, 22 in Punjab and 21-21 in Gujarat-Telangana. will be developed.

Also, 20 stations in Jharkhand, 18-18 stations in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, 15 in Haryana and 13 in Karnataka will be re-developed. A total of Rs 24,470 crore will be spent in this Amrit Bharat Railway Station Scheme.

“In our country, a section of the opposition neither works nor allows it to work. When we built a new Parliament building, built the Duty Path and built the National War Memorial, every time the opposition opposed it”, PM Modi said.

“We built the world’s tallest Statue of Unity. Some parties remember Sardar Patel at the time of elections, but none of their big leaders went to bow down to Sardar Patel’s statue. we laid more track in a year than Australia’s total rail network Has gone. On the other hand, more rail tracks have been laid in our country in the last 9 years than the rail network in countries like South Africa, Ukraine, Poland, UK and Sweden”, PM added.

“The stations will be redeveloped keeping in mind the needs of the next 30 years. Railway stations will be developed as city centers. Rani Kamalapati in Madhya Pradesh, Gandhinagar in Gujarat and Sir M Visvesvaraya railway station in Karnataka have been upgraded under this scheme”, Shobhan Chowdhary, General Manager, Northern Railway said.


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