Sanchar Saathi Portal, Now Track Your Lost Phone

NEW DELHI: The Department of Telecom inaugurated the Sanchar Saathi webpage on Tuesday, allowing people to block and trace their lost or stolen mobile phones across India easily.

Union communications minister Ashwini Vaishnaw stated that the Sanchar Saathi Portal will allow users to restrict, track, and verify the authenticity of secondhand devices before purchasing them.

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“The first component of the Sanchar Saathi portal is the CEIR (Central Equipment Identity Register).” If you lose your phone, you can go to this website. “There will be some identity verification and undertaking requirements, and the portal will immediately interact with law enforcement agencies and telecom service providers to block your lost mobile phone,” Vaishnaw explained.

He stated that the Prime Minister has a clear vision that user safety must be prioritised, and the services provided by the Sanchar Saathi portal are in line with that objective.

When asked about the government’s efforts to combat fraud using WhatsApp calls, the minister stated that the Meta-owned app has promised to remove services associated with any mobile phone number involved in fraudulent operations.

“We have actively engaged WhatsApp, and they have agreed that customer safety is paramount.” “All OTT platforms are actively working together to deregister users who have been identified as fraud users,” Vaishnaw stated. He said that 36 lakh mobile connections had been removed due to fraud, and that their WhatsApp accounts had also been deactivated.

The minister stated that the Know Your Mobile feature Sanchar Saathi helps users verify the authenticity of used mobile phones before purchasing them.

“We feel confident that, at the very least, with these reforms, the rising trends in cyber frauds will be seriously controlled, and we will be able to bring them down,” Vaishnaw said.

He stated that TAFCOP is available on Sanchar Saathi to assist people in determining whether or not other mobile numbers are operating in their name without their permission or knowledge.

The C-DoT created the Sanchar Saathi facilities.The Department of Telecom’s technological development arm was able to incorporate a feature to check the use of cloned mobile phones across all telecom networks.

The government has made it essential to publish the IMEI a 15-digit unique numeric identity of mobile devices before they are sold in India. The mobile networks will have access to a list of acceptable IMEI numbers and will be able to verify for the presence of any unauthorised mobile phones on their network.

The IMEI number of the device and the mobile number associated with it will be visible to telecom providers and the CEIR system, and the information will be utilised in some states to track your lost or stolen mobile phones via CEIR. One prevalent practise is for miscreants to modify the IMEI number of the smartphone after stealing it, preventing tracking and blocking of such handsets.

With the use of several databases, the CEIR will be able to disable any cloned mobile phones on the network. C-DOT has been testing the technology in certain telecom circles, including Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and the North East.

Using the CEIR technology, Karnataka Police recovered and returned 2,500 missing mobile phones to their owners recently. Apple already has a system in place to trace missing mobile phones using Apple ID, but the primary concerns have been with Android phones.


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