Trained youth volunteers of NYKS will play pivotal role in realizing the Panch Pran

New Delhi: NYKS Panch Prana: Trained youth volunteers of NYKS (Nehru Yuva Kendra Sanganathan) will play a key role in realizing the Panch Prana (Five Resolutions) that the Prime Minister talked about in his Independence Day speech. Shri Anurag Singh Thakur, Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports and Minister of Information and Broadcasting, is commenting on the launch of online skill development training program for 14,000 youth volunteers of NYKS across the country at Shastri Bhavan in Delhi today.

The Minister said, “the content of the training programme has been carefully crafted and includes in-depth exercises on communication skills, leadership skills, decision making etc. All the youth present here today are going to be future leaders in respective fields whichever you choose – social service, politics, entrepreneurship etc. Such training programs will give the youth a holistic education and help them upskill their knowledge thereby making them industry ready, with the aim to make India the world’s largest skilled workforce in the times ahead.”

The ambitious Online Training Programme is aimed at enhancing the life skills and build the capacity of Youth Volunteers of NYKS so that besides developing their personality they can also play meaningful role and contribute in national development process; outlined the Minister.

This novel collaborative initiative between Deptt. of Youth Affairs, NYKS and CBC (Capacity Building Commission) and UNITAR ( United Nation Institute of Training and Research) was conceived in backdrop of challenging time of COVID Pandemic when physical participation was restricted. As youth volunteers of NYKS were expected of playing important role during this time, virtual medium provided much needed platform for their sensitization towards the given responsibilities.

As a part of implementation of the Online Training, CBC, UNITAR in consultation with NYKS prepared the training module and the feasibility of the same was pilot tested among100 Youth Volunteers during January 2022. Based on the feedbacks from participating youth volunteers and also considering the NYKS programme template, the module has been revised.

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