WhatsApp, WhatsApp Web is Down for Some Users, Check Here

Bhubaneswar: WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web is the most popular instant communication app facing an issue. Meta-owned WhatsApp is down for some users globally. Also, WhatsApp users in India are currently incapable to send and receive messages.

Some users have claimed on social media Twitter that they are not able to send and receive messages through both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web. According to reports WhatsApp is having problems since 3:17 AM EDT (12:47 pm).


Meta has now officially accepted the problem. “We’re aware that some people are currently having trouble sending messages and we’re working to restore WhatsApp for everyone as quickly as possible,” Meta issued the statement.

Now, WhatsApp, the instant messaging platform is experiencing a general outage worldwide. The service is currently unavailable as there is an issue with the server side.

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