Indian Origin Rishi Sunak as prime minister of Britain

London: Britain, which ruled India for nearly two hundred years, will now be ruled by an Indian. Indian-origin Rishi Sunak will be the next Prime Minister of Britain. Rishi Sunak is the first Hindu prime minister of Christian-majority Britain to take an oath. Not only this, Rishi Sunak has become the first non-white Prime Minister of Britain.

Now both India and Pakistan can be happy with Sunak becoming the PM. Actually, Sunak’s grandparents were born in British-ruled India but his birthplace was Gujranwala. Gujranwala is located in the Punjab province of modern Pakistan. Thus, in a strange way the new British leader is both an Indian and a Pakistani.


Notably, Mr. Rishi Sunak had the support of more than 150 of the Conservative Party’s 357 MPs, while he needed 100 MPs to win. Rishi Sunak said that he wants to change the UK-India relationship and make it a more two-way exchange that opens up easy access to UK students and companies in India.

A majority in the cheering crowd was categorical that Mr Sunak’s Indian heritage and ethnic minority background had no part to play in the contest to become British Prime Minister.

Notably, In his campaign few months ago, He said that Sixty years after my Naniji boarded a plane in East Africa, on a warm sunny evening in October, her great-grandaughters, my kids, played in the street outside our home, painted Rangoli on the doorstep, lit sparklers and diyas; had fun like so many other families on Diwali. Except the street was Downing Street, and the door was the door to No. 11


As a devout Hindu, Rishi Sunak is a regular at the temple where he was born in Southampton and his daughters, Anoushka and Krishna, are also rooted in the Indian culture. Now Indian Origin former treasury chief Rishi is set to become Britain’s next prime minister after winning the Conservative leadership.

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