A Letter To My Lover’s Ex :Arpita Sahoo

A Letter To My Lover’s Ex

My Lover’s Ex

You probably don’t know me; but I know you a lot than I should have…because he talks about you…indeed he talks so much about you. He talks about the seconds, minutes, hours, days and nights spent with you. He talks about the chats, mails, phone calls, gossips and giggles that he used to have with you. He talks about what makes you smile and what ticks you off. He talks about some kept and a few unkept promises that he had made with you. He talks about how much he valued you. He talks about how willingly he wanted to be there with you, all bonded into a forever ever.

whenever he talks anything about you, he doesn’t look me in the eye and I totally understand WHY- Mine aren’t the ears he wants to reach; Mine isn’t the gaze he searches for.
He describes you; As if a dreamer describes his dream, As if a writer conveys the essence of what his writeup holds to his audience, As if a cinematographer strives hard to bring his piece of work to life. He elaborates you as an artist’s masterpiece- Accurate and Adorable.
At times, he too irkingly complains about tid-bits of your flaws as if a patient complains of his minuest ordeals to a Doctor.
Well, on the walls of his heart there is a painting hung and it’s that of YOU. Trust me, everytime he spells out your name- I have marked him loosing all his grip and falling for you all over again.

There lies a secret folder on his device, overflooded with just your pictures from all times- he looks at them as if an orphan kid looks at a happy family. He spends all his evenings alone in his balcony looking at the night sky filled with stars and remembering of all the wonderful moments that you both had.
On hearing to a romantic tune being played at the backdrop, he madly hunts for you and on not being able to find you……he abruptly stops and walks away.

I don’t know, if ever he and I would have enough contents to talk on with each other. I don’t know, if he will ever crave for the love I have to offer. I don’t know, if he will talk about me to someone else the way he did about you to me. I don’t know if at all, he imagines us to be the charming couple that everyone looks at with awe. I don’t either know, whether am I a temporary tenant or a permanent dweller at his abode.
But, every time he is freaked out; puzzled; annoyed or disturbed- he reaches out to me….sits for hours holding my hand amidst absolute solitude with an overwhelming grief filled heart….all he says is_____________
I NEED YOU and I know, he is not saying that to me. In his unsaid words…….I know, he whispers your absence.

A Mere Unknown

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