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Staying close and loving each other is kind of easy. But being absolutely far for days, months, at times years and yet, having that ecstasy in a relation is no doubt a challenge. “Everything insanely reminds me of you” is a tribute to long distance relationships that have learned to survive the test of time just over mere video calls- smiling, blushing and laughing remembering the moments spent together; repenting, regretting and crying over instances they could not make it up for.

A big shout out to the lovelies out there who have been persistently as well as passionately working all along to keep their compatibility intact and wholesome. Here it is for you all- to read, feel, dive in, connect, relate, co-relate and co-understand the gravity of the hidden emotions behind the ink stains.

The drizzling city’s rain,

The couples riding across the lane.

The roses at the flower stall,

The new arrivals at the shopping mall.

The restaurants, hotels, somewhat the cinema hall;

And even the places we never had been to at all.

Everything insanely reminds me of you.

The enchanting tunes in my playlist,

The Novel and it’s gist.

The hues of rainbow in the sky,

Or the chirping little birds learning to fly.

The yellow ceramic coffee mug,

The comfy old blue shrug.

The sight of a roaming playful pug,

The thought of your warm hour-long hug.

Everything insanely reminds me of you.

The nearby jewelry shop,

Your favorite peach colored top.

The photos you are in,

And a few in which you remained unseen.

The temple and the shrine,

The numerous festivities of the divine.

The mad rush at streets and on roads,

The pleasing hoardings on the boards.

Everything insanely reminds me of you.

Everything insanely reminds me of you.

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