Students: Embassy of India asks Indian Citizens to leave Ukraine Immediately

New Delhi: In a fresh advisory, the Indian Embassy in Ukraine on Tuesday asked all Indian nationals there to leave the country immediately. The embassy made this recommendation in view of the growing hostility between Russia and Ukraine.

A similar recommendation was issued after the deteriorating security situation in Ukraine. This new recommendation was issued less than a week later. “Continuing to the advisory issued by the embassy on October 19, all Indian nationals in Ukraine are advised to leave Ukraine immediately by available means,” the embassy said in a statement.

The embassy said some Indian nationals had left Ukraine following prior advice. The embassy asked Indian nationals to approach it for advice or assistance in traveling to the Ukrainian border to leave the country. Also, They may refer to the embassy website and contact numbers for avoidable options for border crossing the Indian embassy in Kyiv said in a statement on Tuesday.

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According to the media report, Indian citizens can leave Ukraine through the country’s borders with Hungary, Slovakia, Moldova, Poland and Romania as soon as possible, according to the advisory.

More than 1,500 Indian students who returned months earlier have refused to come to India despite the Indian government’s advice to leave war-torn Ukraine immediately in the wake of increasing Russian attacks.

Even before that, at the beginning of the war in February, the Indian embassy appealed to its citizens to leave Ukraine immediately. Despite this, a large number of people remained in Ukraine and the Indian government had to face many difficulties in evacuating them.

In March, an Indian student was killed in a shootout in the Ukrainian city of Kharkov. Another Indian citizen, who was hit by three bullets in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv, was evacuated via Poland.

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