India records 7830 New Covid Cases In last 24 hours

New Delhi: India records 7830 new covid-19 cases on Wednesday, up significantly from the 5,675 instances reported on Tuesday, according to information provided by the Union Health Ministry.

Currently, there are 40,215 active cases nationwide, with a weekly positivity rate of 3.83 percent and a daily positivity rate of 3.65 percent.

With 16 additional fatalities, the total number of Covid virus-related deaths has increased to 531,000. Of them, two were reported in each of the following states: Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh. Kerala accounted for five virus-related deaths, according to data from the health ministry at 8am on April 12.

The last 24 hours saw a total of 4,692 recoveries, bringing the aggregate count to 44,204,771 with a recovery rate of 98.72 percent.

The last 24 hours seen 214,242 tests run, raising the total number of tests conducted so far to 923.2 million.

According to the information 441 doses of vaccination have been given over the past 24 hours.

The Nationwide Vaccination Drive has thus far provided 2.20 billion total vaccine doses, including 952.1 million second doses and 228.7 million precautionary doses.

In light of the escalating number of Covid cases, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) warned citizens on Monday not to worry and to practise good hygiene.

In a statement, the IMA advised not to become alarmed. With your assistance, we will continue to control it as we have in the past. There are more examples of COVID, so don’t become alarmed. uphold proper hygiene.

According to the statement, deaths from COVID are typically documented in those over 60 or in those who have lifestyle disorders like diabetes, among others.

It further stated that a lack of attention to Covid protocol and Covid-appropriate behaviour are the most likely causes of the increased number of Covid cases. It claimed that many people let their guard down when it came to the coronavirus.

According to the statement, many who had symptoms declined to get checked, which might have allowed the virus to spread undetected and infect other people.

“The vaccination drive has created a false sense of security, and as a result, we lowered the guard against the infection,” the statement read. The virus that causes Covid is constantly evolving, giving rise to new strains like XBB.1.16. Fortunately, this new variety is not as deadly as the other forms, while being thought to be more transmissible.

According to the professional epidemiologists and virologists believe that the new Covid variant XBB.1.16 may be to blame for the rise in instances.

“People in high-risk groups, such as those who are pregnant, over 60, have chronic illnesses, have underlying medical disorders, or are immunocompromised, have a higher chance of developing severe sickness and dying with Covid-19. The message read, “We must defend them.

It continued by stating that the virus is still present and that individuals must take the appropriate precautions. “Covid-19 is escalating in our neighbourhood. The statement advised people to practise a few straightforward safety measures.

More specifically, it said “People with symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, headache, body ache, loss of smell or taste, or breathlessness should get tested for corona.”


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