India sends 15th consignment of 2,500 MT of wheat to Afghanistan as humanitarian assistance

  • India will send another 14,000 MT of wheat to the crisis-hit country soon as New Delhi had promised to send a total of 50,000 MT of wheat to Afghanistan.

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Through Amritsar’s Attari-Wagah border, India has delivered its fifteenth shipment of 2,500 MT of wheat to Afghanistan as humanitarian aid. India has so far shipped 36,000 MT of wheat to Afghanistan, according to Balbir Mangat, Joint Commissioner, Customs. As New Delhi had pledged to supply a total of 50,000 MT of wheat to the crisis-stricken nation, India will shortly send an additional 14,000 MT of wheat there.

Arindam Bagchi, a spokesperson for the Ministry of External Affairs, stated in a formal statement on last Saturday that India had earlier dispatched the next consignment of 3,000 metric tonnes of wheat to Afghanistan as part of a humanitarian effort to assist the country.

Bagchi stated on Twitter, “India today sent Afghanistan their 3,000 MT next cargo of wheat. Our dedication to helping the people of Afghanistan with humanitarian aid is unwavering.”

The first consignment of humanitarian help from India, 2,500 tonnes of wheat, arrived in Afghanistan’s Jalalabad via Pakistan on February 26, while the second convoy of humanitarian aid from India, carrying 2,000 MTs of wheat, left Attari on March 3 for Jalalabad, Afghanistan.


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