Karnataka Election Results 2023: This victory will not reverberate in the Lok Sabha Election 2024: Yeddyurappa

Karnataka Election Results 2023: Former Karnataka Chief Minister Yeddyurappa has stated that the Congress’ victory in the Karnataka Assembly elections will have little impact on the Lok Sabha elections 2024.

The votes cast in the general elections for the Karnataka Legislative Assembly’s 224 constituencies are being counted at 36 centres around the state. As of 12 p.m., the Congress Party had 135, the BJP had 63, Majda had 22, and others had four seats.

As the Congress’s win is almost guaranteed, Congress workers are celebrating by bursting firecrackers at the Congress offices in Karnataka and Delhi.

In this situation, former Karnataka Chief Minister Yeddyurappa has stated that the Congress party’s success will not be felt in the Lok Sabha elections 2024.

He said reporters today that BJP workers should not be alarmed by the election outcome. The BJP is no stranger to victory and defeat. We have previously lost elections. Let us look into what caused the party’s downfall. I wholeheartedly accept the people’s verdict. The BJP should not be overlooked. The party has now grown large enough to create a government. Despite my personal disappointment with the election results, we will continue to work together for the state’s progress. The Congress party’s success would not be felt in the Lok Sabha elections.

Karnataka Assembly Election, 2023

According to Election Commission data, the Congress took a 112-seat advantage and won 24 seats in the Karnataka Assembly elections. The BJP took the lead in 51 seats and won 12 of them. Former Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah commented on the outcome, saying, “It’s a mandate against Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, and JP Nadda.” Meanwhile, his colleague DK Shivakumar stated that people had placed their trust in Congress.

What Did Exit Polls Show

Most exit polls forecast a close race between the Congress and the BJP, but the former was granted an advantage by most pollsters, which the Saffron party is convinced will be proven incorrect. Meanwhile, the JD(S) appears to be anticipating a hung verdict, which would allow it to play a role in government formation, or “king maker.”

While the ABP News-C Voter Exit Poll anticipated that the Congress would win 100-112 seats, the BJP would win 83-95, and the JD(S) would win 21-29, the Republic TV-P MARQ expected that the Grand Old Party would win 94-108 seats, the Saffron Party would win 85-100, and the JD(S) would win 24-32.

India Today-Axis My India anticipated that the BJP would win 62-80 seats, the Congress would win 122-140, and the JD(S) would get 20-25. According to India TV-CNX, the Congress may receive 110-120 seats, the BJP 80-90 seats, and the JD(S) 20-24 seats.

According to the TV9 Bharatvarsh-Polstrat exit poll, the Congress would win 99-109 seats, the BJP 88-98, and the JD(S) 21-26. According to the Zed News-Matrize estimate, the Congress will receive 103-118 votes, the BJP 79-94 votes, and the JD(S) 25-33 votes.

According to the News Nation-CGS poll, the BJP is expected to win 114 seats, the Congress 86, and the JD(S) 21. Suvarna News-Jan Ki Baat anticipated that the Bharatiya Janata Party would win 94-117 seats, the Congress 91-106, and the JD(S) 14-24.


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