International Stuttering Awareness Day: 22 October

Bhubaneswar: On October 22, International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD) is observed. The day raises awareness about stuttering or stammering, a type of speech disorder. Stuttering is defined as interruptions in speech fluency. Among its symptoms are involuntary repetition of words and temporary inability or difficulty uttering sounds or words.

Theme for International Stuttering Awareness Day 2022

“Being seen, being heard: Representation and normalisation of stuttering in the mainstream,” is the theme for International Stuttering Awareness in 2022. The theme emphasises the fact that stuttering affects many people in society and is not unusual.

The Importance of International Stuttering Awareness

The day is observed to raise awareness that stuttering is a disorder that should not be used to discriminate against or mock stutterers. The day raises the self-esteem of people who stutter, motivating them to pursue their goals and dreams.

More than 70 million people worldwide stutter, and the majority of them are children aged 2 to 6. They are unable to speak normally, despite knowing what they want to say.

History of ISAD

Michael Sugarman, co-founder of the National Stuttering Project, proposed an international day of stuttering awareness at the International Fluency Association (IFA) conference in 1997. Sugarman’s wish was granted in 1998, when the European League of Stuttering Associations, the International Fluency Association, and the International Stuttering Association declared October 22 as Stuttering Awareness Day.

International Stuttering recognises the growing alliance between consumers and SLPs, who are learning from each other and sharing, giving support, and educating one another.

Nearly, More than 7 crore people in the world are affected by stuttering. The International Stuttering Association decided to highpoint the issue over International Stuttering Awareness.

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