Trains At A Glance: Now 500 Mail Express trains speeded up, 130 services converted to Super fast category

New Delhi: Trains At A Glance: The Ministry of Railways released its new All India Railway Time Table known as “TRAINS AT A GLANCE (TAG)” effective from 1st October, 2022. The new Trains at a Glance is also available from 1st October, 2022 on Indian Railways’ official website

In new time table, about 500 Mail Express trains have been speeded up. The speeding up of trains is between 10 minutes – 70 minutes. In addition, 130 services (65 pairs) have been speeded up by converting to Superfast category.


Overall the average speed of all trains has increased by about 5% leading to availability of nearly 5% additional paths for operation of more trains.

The punctuality of Indian Railways for Mail Express trains during the year 2022-23 is about 84% which is about 9% more than the punctuality of about 75% achieved during 2019-20.

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