Ban of Three Types Online Games in India Soon: Union IT Minister

New Delhi: Union Minister for Electronics and Information Technology (IT), Rajeev Chandrasekhar, said on Monday that the government has set up a framework for online gaming for the first time and that the government will Ban of three types Online Games in India Soon.

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According to the Union Minister, three sorts of games would be prohibited, internet gambling, betting, and games with an addictive component. “We have prepared a framework regarding online gaming for the first time, in that we will not allow three types of games in the country,” Rajeev Chandrasekhar said.

The discussion of a ban on certain internet games comes in the wake of a recent racket found by Ghaziabad Police, which had connections in Mumbai to some people attempting to unlawfully convert young people through online games. The situation arose after the father of a youngster in Ghaziabad reported to authorities about his son converting to Islam after being encouraged by one Baddo alias Shahnawaz Khan.

It is stated that the converted boy used to go to a nearby mosque to pray five times a day. However, when his parents asked where he was going, the child always said he was going to the gym. The boy’s parents followed him after he left the house one day and discovered that he was going to a neighbourhood mosque rather than a gym. Following a complaint submitted by the father of the underage Jain boy who converted to Islam, Ghaziabad police detained the mosque’s preacher and Baddo was arrested in Mumbai.

According to Ghaziabad Police, the accused used to target boys for unlawful conversion on the online gaming platform Fortnite. They were forced to recite Islamic verses after they lost. Later on, the boys were shown videos of controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik and other preachers such as Tariq Jamil.


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