China covid restrictions relaxing Zero Covid regulations

China covid restrictions relaxing Zero Covid regulations

Beijing: The China government made a key announcement on Wednesday relaxing the Zero Covid regulations. It is noteworthy that this announcement has come out in the background of people protesting against the Zero Covid rules in more than a dozen cities for about 10 days. As per the new rules, China covid restrictions there is no need to undergo frequent covid tests. Moreover, those who do not have symptoms and those who have mild symptoms can spend time in isolation at home. In the past, people with such symptoms were forcibly taken to hospitals.

Earlier, if there was a case of Covid in any building, the entire area was sealed. But, that policy is no longer implemented. Exits from the building will be kept open. This was announced by the National Health Commission in Beijing.

President Xi Jinping has decided to implement the Zero Covid policy with strict lockdowns in China and curb the virus. They wanted to promote this as a credit to the CCP. In this order, a people’s war was declared against the virus. Dozens of officers have been removed from duty in areas where the virus has spread. Lockdowns were imposed in cities. People questioned about the lockdowns and medical experts were forced to shut their mouths. Its implementation has been brought under digital surveillance. This has made it difficult for people to move out. On the other hand, they have become a burden for China’s economy. Apart from this, many places like Guangzhou and Beijing have caused concern. In this context, China has given relaxations in about 10 regulations.

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