Dengue Cases in Odisha: 2039 dengue patients identifies in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: Dengue Cases increases in the capital city of Odisha. Yesterday 2039 dengue patients have been identified in Odisha. Public Health Director Niranjan Mishra informed that the sample testing of 22,068 people has been completed.

Mr.Mishra said, 10,833 samples were tested last year. Of them 2,888 patients were identified. But among the samples tested this year, Khurdha has the highest number of 1125 people. Later, 342 patients were identified in Koraput, 177 patients in Malkangari and 268 patients in Rayagada districts.

He said, “It is natural during the period of pre-monsoon, monsoon and post-monsoon to witness spike in the Dengue cases. As of now, the number of patients is increasing because we have scaled up the testing.”

According to information, Platelet Separation Units are operational in 9 blood banks in the state. Platelets are sufficient in the state to treat dengue patients.

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