Excitement generated by Chandrayaan-3 success must be channelised to power scientific temper: PM Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that Chandrayaan -3’s success must be harnessed to inspire young people’s scientific inclinations in order to realize the ambition of a developed India by 2047, on August 26,

Speaking at a celebration for Chandrayaan-3’s accomplishments and to welcome the prime minister upon his return from his two-nation tour, Modi noted that he received numerous congratulations for the lunar mission’s success during his visits to Greece and the BRICS Summit in South Africa.

J P Nadda, president of the BJP, and Lok Sabha members from the capital city greeted Modi at the airport in Delhi as large crowds had gathered to celebrate Chandrayaan-3’s Moon landing.

The prime minister also discussed his brief Saturday morning layover in Bengaluru, where he visited ISRO experts and decided to give the spacecraft’s landing site the name “Shiv Shakti.” He added that “Tiranga” was the name given to the location on the moon where Chandrayaan-2 had impacted.

The lunar landing site of Chandrayaan-3 will now be called as “Shiv Shakti,” the prime minister declared. “Shakti gives us the strength to carry out the resolutions made in Shiv for the good of humanity. This moon’s Shiv Shakti Point also creates a connection between Kanyakumari and the Himalaya, he continued.

The day of Chandrayaan 3’s soft landing on the moon, August 23, became known asNational Space Day by the prime minister. He asserted that National Space Day will honor the spirit of innovation, science, and technology while inspiring us for all time.

The Prime Minister cited experts’ predictions that India’s space economy will grow from $8 billion to $16 billion in the following few years. While the government is working tirelessly to reform the space industry, the country’s youth are also contributing, as the number of startups related to space has increased from 4 to around 150 during the past 4 years. The Prime Minister also encouraged students all around the nation to participate in a sizable quiz competition on the Chandrayaan mission that MyGov is hosting starting on 1st, September.


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