LUPEX MISSION: India and Japan’s Upcoming Lunar Expedition

LUPEX MISSION: ISRO is getting ready to collaborate with Japan’s space agency on an interesting lunar mission. ISRO and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) are working together on the Lunar Polar Exploration Mission, or LUPEX.

This mission will launch on Japan’s H3 rocket in the following three to four years. Both a lander and a rover are present. Its main objective? To find out whether water and other elements, maybe in the form of surface ice, are present in the southern polar area of the moon.

For those who are unaware, ISRO and JAXA collaborated back in December 2017 and signed an Implementation Arrangement (IA) to begin the process. In pursuit of their shared ambition for lunar exploration in the collaborative Lunar Polar Exploration Mission, scheduled for launch no sooner than 2025, they had completed a feasibility report by March 2018.

The Chandrayaan-2 project, which experienced a moon landing accident in September 2019, is where this lunar aspiration originates. India responded by starting Chandrayaan-3, a further mission intended to perfect the landing skills essential for the upcoming LUPEX MISSION.

Innovative surface exploration technologies will be displayed by the Lunar Polar Exploration mission. Vehicle transportation and surviving the lunar night are given considerable attention. These developments are crucial for long-term lunar exploration, particularly in polar regions.

However, ISRO’s efforts don’t finish with the moon. Additionally, they are getting ready for Gaganyaan, a manned space mission that will send three Indian astronauts into orbit for three days. The partnership between ISRO and NASA for the “NISAR” satellite project doesn’t stop there, either. By continuously monitoring Earth, this satellite will provide crucial information about the temperature, sea level, and groundwater. These initiatives add up to more efficient natural catastrophe management.

ISRO has not only successfully revisited the Moon’s South Pole but has also solidified its position as a prominent player in the field of space exploration.


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