India can send wheat to Pakistan, says RSS’ Joint General Secretary Krishna Gopal

New Delhi: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) general secretary Krishna Gopal said India is in a position to send wheat to Pakistan to avert a food crisis in its neighbour.

In a ceremony organized by the film producer Iqbal Durrani at the Scenic Farms for the translation of Sam Veda into Farsi, he said on Thursday. RSS reader Indresh Kumar also attended the event.

Addressing a meeting on Pakistan’s economic instability and food shortages, Krishna Gopal said that India could supply wheat to its neighbors if requested. “We believe in Saab Bhavantu Sukhina. Everyone should be happy,” Gopal said, adding, “If Pakistan wants with a pure heart, we will help them.”

“People of Pakistan are taking advantage of us every day but we feel that they too should live happily. It is sad that in Pakistan wheat is sold for 250 rupees per kilo. India can get 25 to 500,000 Tons of wheat to Pakistan, but they don’t want it. India has surplus wheat, Gopal said, instead of letting the people of Pakistan die. India has surplus wheat. It can be sent to Pakistan.

He said that India has surplus production of wheat and has helped many countries in the past. He said, “Pakistan should change its hostile attitude towards India. Pakistan is in trouble. They are planning to attack India, but if they want with a pure heart, we will help them. It has been a long time in Sanatan.”

Referring to the example of India’s aid to countries during the epidemic, he said: I sent medicine and vaccine to send wheat. India produces more than 1 billion tons of wheat and is in the black. But for this to happen, Pakistan must break its position. “

Asked if India should negotiate with Pakistan, Gopal replied, “It is not possible unless Pakistan changes its behavior and attitude.” Pakistan should stop training terrorists who want to attack India.


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Read | India can send wheat to Pakistan, says RSS’ Joint General Secretary Krishna Gopal

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