Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik Thanked CMO For Grievance Cell’s Work

Bhubaneswar: Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik said in a speech to the House on the second day of the Odisha Assembly’s monsoon session, “My government has always given top importance to peoples’ grievance redressal. The CMO used to hold grievance hearings in Bhubaneswar before Covid-19 occurred. There used to be a strong system to resolve the issues that people from all across the state would bring in and file.

The Chief Minister claims that the CM grievance cell was closed because of constraints after COVID-19 for almost two years. When things got back to normal, it was restarted. The average number of grievances and visitors to grievance cells had decreased following COVID-19, though. “The disruption brought on by Covid-19 for two years disrupted grievance redressal, so I thought of reaching out to the people by bringing the CM Grievance Cell to their doorsteps to quickly cover all blocks and urban local bodies of the state.”

“The CMO monitors the CM Grievance Cell, and on my orders, officers from the CMO ran decentralized grievances cells in each district of the state. Over the course of six months, this massive operation was conducted in more than 190 different places. Every day, three to five locations were covered, and throughout that time, 57,442 petitions from the public were collected. To date, 43,536 petitions have been settled or otherwise dealt with, the Chief Minister explained.

The whole process is open and technology-based. The Janasunani webpage contains information about every petition, as well as action taken reports and disposal stage. The majority of these historic concerns that have been outstanding for years together will be handled within the next two to three months, he added. Legacy issues have been settled in follow-up discussions.

“Written responses are provided to petitioners, and Mo Sarkar makes phone calls in response to criticism. I firmly believe that this is one of the largest and most successful public grievance redressal initiatives ever undertaken by a government in the nation. You may all recall that I deployed the same team, together with senior officers, to oversee Covid-19 management during COVID-19. While most people were at home, the CMO team and other senior officials visited each district, gathering comments and keeping an eye on the COVID-19 situation while risking their lives. This assisted us in making timely judgments, saving valuable lives in our state, as well as assisting other states.

“The best way to address people’s complaints is the goal. How much money would have been required for travel and lodging if all 57,000 petitioners (the majority of whom are community petitioners) had been required to visit the CM Grievance Cell in Bhubaneswar? Additionally, how much pay loss would have resulted? The CM Grievance Cell visiting people’s doorsteps has prevented all of this. Regarding the usage of helicopters, I would like to make it clear that doing the same exercise by road would have taken 1.5 years as opposed to doing it by helicopter.

It is physically difficult to hold three to five meetings a day throughout diverse places within a convenient 10-to-3 slot. We have spent roughly 40 crore rupees on chopper during the past three and a half years, the Chief Minister said.

“On average every month, Rs 1 to 1.5 crore are spent on choppers. The average cost each month during the previous six months, when the chopper was used frequently to reach out to the populace, was in the range of Rs 1 to 1.5 crore. The claim that excessive spending has been made is wholly incorrect and deceptive.

“The members of the opposition should be pleased that so many complaints in their regions have also been settled. How anyone could be against resolving people’s complaints is beyond me. Such resistance is anti-people, and as a result, people will respond to them appropriately. Since we work for the government, resolving the complaints of the public is our top priority.


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