Sanchi Becomes India’s First Solar City, Inaugurated by Madhya Pradesh CM

Bhopal: The World Heritage Site Sanchi in Raisen district has become India’s first solar city. The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chouhan launched it today.

It has 3 megawatt capacity in Nagauri, close to Sanchi, will result in a 13,747-tonne yearly reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. More than 2,38,000 trees would be needed to replace this. The first solar city in India is now Sanchi. The creation of power from coal and other materials has a detrimental effect on the environment. By choosing the solar energy alternative, the people of Sanchi, the Renewable Energy Department, and all scientists have accomplished something admirable.

The Chief Minister Chouhan highlighted the importance of making the most use of renewable energy throughout his speech. He mentioned the idea of energy conservation held by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and claimed that Madhya Pradesh is carrying out his vision with more social responsibility. At the Onkareshwar Dam, a floating solar plant with a 600 megawatt capacity has been installed.

According to the Chief Minister, producing electricity from coal and other resources has a detrimental effect on the environment. By choosing the solar energy alternative, the people of Sanchi, the Department of Renewable Energy, and all scientists have accomplished a great work. He conveyed his gratitude to the academics, researchers, and industry professionals involved in energy conservation.

According to Chouhan, Sanchi and the nation’s history have gained a significant new chapter. Sanchi has turned into a solar city as a result of the three megawatt solar plant in the nearby town of Nagauri. The agricultural sector’s energy requirements will be satisfied in the near future by a five megawatt solar plant that will be built in Gulgaon.

According to the Chief Minister, Sanchi Solar City will cut more than 14,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. This is more than 238,000 trees, so to speak. Eco-friendly infrastructure will lessen environmental pollutants, and electric vehicles will be promoted. Three e-rickshaw charging stations and four commercial charging stations have been installed. Additionally, using battery-powered vehicles will save more than 9 lakh rupees on diesel.

Sanchi Solar City Appreciable To Make Net Zero City

It is admirable that Sanchi has decided to work with IIT Kanpur to become a net-zero city. The entire globe will look up to this metropolis as an example. The preservation of the environment is crucial. Renewable energy sources must be used to meet the world’s rising energy demands. Soon, solar pumps will assist with agriculture as well.

Sanchi will reduce 7.68 crore in annual electricity costs because to this plant. Every home having solar power has been a popular idea among Sanchi’s residents. Soon, a five megawatt solar plant will be built in Gulgaon to supply the energy requirements of the nearby agricultural industry. A vow to use solar stand lamps, solar study lamps, and solar lanterns in their homes has been made by about 7,000 Sanchi residents. On domestic rooftops, solar power plants with a capacity of about 63 kilowatts have been built.

Sanjay Dubey, principal secretary for energy, claimed that Prime Minister Modi has ordered the creation of Solar City. Sanchi will give the perfect solar city its identity. The Sanchi kids have acquired an understanding of energy, and they have also completed the required test to demonstrate this. Even at night, Sanchi’s streets are now illuminated. They are being taken advantage of by the tourists. Solar energy is also used to recharge mobile devices.


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