Odisha Government Bans Ganja in Shiva Temple

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha government has banned the consumption of ganja in all Shiva shrines throughout the state. “Excessive use of ganja in the name of Lord Shiva is polluting the religious spirit,” the order states.

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An order has been issued prohibiting the use of illegal substances in Shiva seats. In this regard, the Department of Odia Language Literature and Culture has written to the District Collectors and SPs. The agency directed officials to take the appropriate procedures to prohibit the use of ganjai in all Shiva seats.

Dillip Routray, Director of the Odia Language Literature and Culture Department, has written to District Magistrates and SPs in response to Padmashri Baba Balia’s request to the Government. The government’s approach, on the other hand, elicited a divided reaction. Some applauded it, but others saw it as a blow to an age-old custom.

In response to the judgement, Baba Balia stated that the crackdown on cannabis use in Shiva Shrines is a welcome step. Humans become addicted to such intoxicants. It is the cause of various diseases. Boys and girls are now consuming marijuana, which is bad for their health. Ganja, he claims, shortens one’s life span.

“I had written to the Government of India and Odisha requesting that ganja be prohibited in Shiva temples.” “I am very happy that the Odisha government has done it,” Baba Balia stated.

“I welcome the decision to ban Ganja at Shiva seats,” Culture Minister Ashwini Patra stated. Intoxication is not permitted in any temple. Not just Shiva temples, but also other sacred sites, should prohibit the usage of intoxicants.”

Congress leader Suresh Routray, condemning the move, said, “A complete ban isn’t right as ganja is used in ‘bhog’ of Lord Shiva.”


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