India to host 44th ISO Committee on Consumer Policy plenary

New Delhi: India is to host 44th ISO Committee on Consumer Policy plenary from 23 to 26 May in New Delhi. The event will be inaugurated by Union Minister Piyush Goyal, who holds  Commerce and Industry, Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, and Textiles.

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According to an official release issued Monday, the meeting’s chair, Sadie Dainton, ISO General Secretary Serjio Mujica, and other higher-level ISO officials will participate.

The International Organisation for Standardisation Committee on Consumer Policy (ISO COPOLCO) is responsible for promoting consumer interests in the standardisation process and ensuring that standards are established with consumer needs in mind. Apart from various separate events aimed at increasing consumer engagement in the standardisation process, the major event organised by India’s national standards organisation, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), will also include debate sessions and seminars on related topics.

The four-day event will feature the distinguished presence of leaders from the public and private sectors, as well as an international delegation of notable global stakeholders. With a people-centric approach and themes like “Challenges and Good Practises for Consumer Engagement,” “Empowering Consumers for a Sustainable Future,” and “Consumer Protection and Legal Frameworks,” this year’s plenary is especially relevant for India and the international community.

Workshops and lectures by many high-level speakers, including ministers and people of eminence from throughout the world, will also be part of the conference. The event, which concludes on May 26, will also include panel discussions on consumer engagement topics. The ISO COPOLCO Plenary is expected to have a substantial impact on the global economy, and thus on the world.

The International Standards Organisation (ISO), an international organisation with 168 member countries, develops global standards that affect a wide range of economic and societal sectors. ISO involves the general people in the standardisation process through their consumer committee on standards development (COPOLCO). As a result, ISO COPOLCO is regarded as the key international event that brings representatives from ISO member countries together to discuss and devise strategies for speeding the development of global standards.

India has long been interested in worldwide standardisation issues, and was a founding member of the worldwide Organisation for Standardisation (ISO).

BIS, as India’s National Standards Body, is actively involved in worldwide and regional standardisation issues. BIS is a member of the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) through the Indian National Committee (INC). BIS is also a member of regional standards organisations such as the Pacific Area Standards Congress (PASC) and the South Asian Regional Standards Organisation (SARSO), and is part of the IBSA (India, Brazil, and South Africa) framework.


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