Mount Etna Volcano Erupts, Flights Suspended :Italy

Italy: Mount Etna Volcano erupts, the most active volcano in Europe on May 21, 2023, prompting Catania, the main city in eastern Sicily, to cancel all flights owing to poor visibility. According to reports, Catania was severely damaged by the falling ash after the eruption.

According to the United Kingdom news website Metro, no casualties were reported despite monitoring by the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Italy, which found signs of an increase in seismic activity recently.

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“Update #Etna. Flight operations remain suspended until tomorrow morning, Monday May 22 at 9 am or in any case until safety conditions are restored. Go to the airport only if the flight schedule is confirmed. Info with airlines,” Catania airport had tweeted.

On May 21, early in the morning, residents in Adrano and Biancavilla reported hearing thunderous booms from the volcano. On May 18, the Italian Civil Protection Agency issued a warning regarding’sudden’ changes in the volcano’s activity, according to news source WION.

On May 21, it was mostly gloomy and rainy over Mount Etna, making visibility of the volcano’s dramatic lava eruptions much worse than usual.

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Since Mount Etna is generally always active, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation has designated it as a World Heritage Site.

After six months of activity, the volcano’s height grew by more than 30 metres. About 50 eruptions at the southeast crater since February 16, 2021, have caused this abrupt growth spike. The amount of volcanic debris it ejected caused the height to increase, according to the news website

The southeastern crater, the youngest and most active of Etna’s four summit craters, is currently the volcano’s highest point, rising 3,357 m above sea level.

The National Institute for Geophysics and Volcanology claims that is now the tallest it has ever been in history.


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