Tomato Rate Today Touches Rs 200 per Kg

New Delhi: Tomato retail rate today reached Rs 200 per kg in several parts of the country, including Delhi, as constant rains have disrupted supplies, traders claimed, adding that prices for other vegetables have also firmed up.

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Heavy rainfall in producing areas has caused waterlogging, causing damage to tomato crops and other perishable vegetables produced below ground, including onion and ginger, they claim.

According to Consumer Affairs Ministry data, the all-India average retail price of tomato was 104.38 per kg on Monday, with the highest price stated being Rs 200 per kg in Swai Madhopur and the lowest price quoted being Rs 31 per kg in Churu in Rajasthan.

According to the data, the retail price of tomato was reported at Rs 149 per kg in Kolkata, followed by Rs 135 per kg in Mumbai, Rs 123 per kg in Chennai, and Rs 100 per kg in Delhi. The retail price of tomatoes and other vegetables varies according to their quality and where they are sold.

The majority of veggies are priced at or over Rs 60 per kilogramme. Lady finger, for example, is sold at Rs 80 per kg, while bitter gourd, bottle gourd, and cucumber are offered at Rs 60 per kg each, and cauliflower is sold at Rs 180 per kg, according to trade statistics. In the previous two weeks, ginger prices have risen from Rs 240 per kg to Rs 300 per kg.


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