What is Kinetic Dance Floor Energy?

The Netherlands-based company Energy Floors designs systems that produce clean, renewable energy and are activated by movement. Create energy by moving, competing, and dancing your way to powering the lights and charging your phone. The Kinetic Dance Floor Energy platforms provide a pleasant method to sell a business and stimulate discussions about socially responsible behavior.


The Kinetic Dance floor is a transient or temporary configuration. There are three sizes available in addition to a customizable option. Additionally, the floor panels take in the energy that dancers emit on the surface. Numerous methods exist for tracking energy production, which motivates dancers to continue moving.

What is the energy output?

The Regular Impact is the most basic design and consists of eight smart tiles with a maximum peak output of 160 kilowatts. A larger 16-tile system has a maximum output of 320 kilowatts, while a 32-tile system can produce 640 kilowatts.

Kinetic Dance Floor

The business promotes the benefits of setting up the system for celebrations, company outings, special events, and other occasions were spreading the word about sustainability and having fun go hand in hand.

The Kinetic Dancefloor can be improved with extras like LED lights, which illuminate the floor in a vibrant and interesting way while being naturally powered by movement. A Kinetic Dance Floor Energy efficiency is demonstrated by an energy meter, which also provides a visual measurement of the energy produced. The durable floor, topped with a layer of recycled plastics, was custom-made to meet the aesthetics of the intergalactic theme and function as a dance floor for hundreds of people at any time.


A Great Initiative by Energy Floors

Throughout the world tour, Energy Floors will collect data about energy production for each song and each concert, providing feedback about when fans are most energetic. Fans and organizers can then easily access the information online or in real time.

As crowds leave the subway, enter the mall, or walk down the street, the panels collect energy and send it back to the grid, making Kinetic Dance Floor Energy a renewable energy option for the public domain.


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