France Covid19 : Second wave of coronavirus arises, hospitals struggle to keep up

France: President Emmanuel Macron has announced a curfew in France in view of a surging second of the novel coronavirus in a number of cities, including Paris, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse. 

The curfew would be effective from 9 am (19.00 GMT) to 6 am (4.00 GMT) for four weeks starting Saturday. “Yes, we we all curfew is an adequate measure,” Sputnik quoted Macron as saying. The president said that the curfew would operate in the Ile-de-France region, as well as in Lille, Grenoble, Lyon, Marseille, Rouen, Saint-Eitenne, Montpellier, Toulouse. 

Macron said France was going through the second wave of COVID-19, adding that “control has not been lost.”

“We have not lost control. We are in a situation that worries us…but we have drawn conclusions from the first wave of the epidemic,” he said. 

“In fact, the virus, which we have been familiar with now for eight months, is returning. We are in a situation that is often called the second wave,” the French leader said. France has seen a resurgence in the coronavirus caseload since July. The most recent record daily high of 27,000 infections was confirmed on October 10. As of Wednesday, the country has 7,56,472 COVID-19 cases and 32,942 fatalities. 

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