PM Modi to Inaugurate National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction on Friday

New Delhi: Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will inaugurate the 3rd Session of the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (NPDRR) at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi on tomorrow, Friday.

The main theme of the 3rd session of National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction is “Building Local Resilience in a Changing Climate”.

During the event, Prime Minister will facilitate awardees of the Subhash Chandra Bose Aapda Prabandhan Puraskar. The winners of the 2023 Puraskar are Odisha State Disaster Management Authority (OSDMA) and the Lunglei Fire Station, Mizoram.

PM Modi will also inaugurate the exhibition for showcasing the innovative ideas and initiatives, tools and technologies in the field of Disaster Risk Reduction.

NPDRR is a multi-stakeholder platform constituted by the Government of India to facilitate dialogue, sharing experiences, views, ideas, action-oriented research & explore opportunities in the area of Disaster Risk Reduction.

A National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (NPDRR) is a mechanism established by governments to coordinate efforts to reduce disaster risk across different sectors and stakeholders within a country. The platform serves as a forum for dialogue, collaboration, and information-sharing among government agencies, civil society organizations, private sector entities, and other stakeholders involved in DRR.

The main objectives of a NPDRR are to,

  • Develop and implement national disaster risk reduction policies, strategies, and plans.
  • Strengthen disaster risk governance and coordination among different sectors and stakeholders.
  • Promote the integration of DRR into national development plans and programs.
  • Enhance public awareness and understanding of disaster risk and the importance of DRR.


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