Use Aadhaar confidently, but observe same usage hygiene like Bank account, and Passport : UIDAI

New Delhi: Use Aadhaar confidently of your choice to avail benefits and services, but maintain the same level of usage hygiene as any other identity document, including a bank account, PAN number or passport.

Aadhaar is a digital resident ID and acts as a single source of online and offline identity verification for residents across the country. Residents can use their Aadhaar number to verify and verify their identity details either electronically or through offline verification.

The same degree of caution can be exercised while sharing Aadhaar with any trusted entity as when sharing a mobile number, bank account number or any other identity proof such as passport, voter ID, PAN, ration card etc.

Aadhaar Virtual ID Easily Generate- Aadhaar is a digital resident ID

Wherever a resident does not wish to share his Aadhaar number, UIDAI provides a Virtual Identifier (VID) generation facility. One can easily generate VID by visiting official website or through myaadhaar portal and use it for authentication instead of Aadhaar number. This VID can be changed after the end of the calendar day.

UIDAI also provides Aadhaar device locking as well as biometric locking. If the resident is not likely to use Aadhaar for a certain period of time, he can lock the Aadhaar or biometrics for such period of time. The same can be unlocked conveniently and instantly, as needed.

UIDAI provides a technologically advanced ecosystem that ensures a secure, smooth and fast authentication experience for Aadhaar number holders. Various provisions of the Aadhaar Act and its regulations mandate that entities collecting the Aadhaar number from residents use and store it in a secure and legally permissible manner with Use Aadhaar confidently.

Entities seeking Aadhaar are required to obtain consent, which should specify the purpose for which it is being received. UIDAI urges residents to persist.

Aadhaar Authentication History – Resident UIDAI:Use Aadhaar confidently

Resident can check Aadhaar verification history for last six months on UIDAI website or m-Aadhaar app. UIDAI also informs about each verification through email. Therefore, linking the email ID with Aadhaar ensures that the resident gets the information every time his Aadhaar number is verified.

Several services can be availed with OTP based Aadhaar authentication and keeping your mobile number up-to-date with Aadhaar is a beneficial step.

UIDAI also urges residents not to leave Aadhaar letter / PVC card or its copy unattended. Residents are advised not to share Aadhaar openly in the public domain, especially on social media and other public platforms. Aadhaar holders should not disclose Aadhaar OTP to any unauthorized entity and refrain from sharing m-Aahaar PIN with anyone Use Aadhaar confidently.

In case of suspicion of any unauthorized use of Aadhaar or for any other query related to Aadhaar, Aadhaar holders may contact UIDAI on the 24/7 toll-free helpline 1947 or via email at help@uidai

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