Network Planning Group examines and recommends Three important Railway Projects

Nw Delhi: The Network Planning Group (NPG) is built on the institutional framework of PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan reviewed and recommended three major important railway projects.

The Head of Planning Division of Ministry of Infrastructure including M/o Railway, MoRTH, Energy, MoPNG, MIRE, DoT, MoCA, MoPSW with Special Representative of NPG, NITI Aayog and KLHK under Special Secretary DPIIT.

Doubles Between Aurangabad and Ankai stations

The Network Planning Group is reviewing the project to double the railway line between Aurangabad and Ankai in Maharashtra. These are from Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore to Amritsar, Hyderabad, Nizamabad etc. It will provide an alternative route to reach remote areas.

The proposed project increase will increase section capacity from 114% to 143% and improve Goods and Passenger traffic on this single line. This doubling can also cater to the potential freight traffic movement from the nearly industrial clusters as it falls on the Aravali Dakshin Sampark Corridor. This will provide a modal mix to both passenger and freight while also connecting 38 Villages of a total population of 98 lakhs and industrial areas of Daulatabad, Aurangabad and Jalna.

Third line in balance section between Bhadrak -Vizianagaram

To increase the movement of freight between the west coast and the south coast of India, NPG has considered a project to add 3 lines in the balance section between Bhadrak and Vizianagaram in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. As this region forms the backbone infrastructure for east coast ports, the proposed railway line connects three minor ports like Gopalpur, Damra and upcoming Bhavnapadu with two major ports like Paradip and Visakhapatnam.

The project will also directly facilitate the sale of goods in Khurda, Jagannathpur and Srikakulam, which are hubs for multi-modal logistics, and will shift major road transport traffic to rail. The proposed project will reduce the length along the Howrah-Chennai railway line and increase the share of railway capital as this stretch is dedicated for freight movement.

Sonnagar – Andal 3rd and 4th Railway line

The Network Planning Group has evaluated the project to add railway lines 3 and 4 to the Sonnagar Andal line, which covers the states of Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal, to ensure an increase in wagon turning times and more accurate timing of passenger trains. The project is part of Indian Railways‘ Mission 3000 MT plan and connects important districts such as emerging textile hub, Hazaribagh, seafood complex, coal reserve district of Dhanbad and Pashim Bardhaman, an area with huge potential for steel.

After the completion of the project, the average speed of trains on this section will increase from 33 kmph to 55 kmph. The project will provide overall improvement in the logistics network of the sector, increase economic activity in the region and resolve the congested Delhi-Howrah railway under the Golden Quadrilateral.

The Special Secretary emphasized the importance of these high impact projects for port connectivity in the region. All three projects evaluated by the NPG are recommended for implementation with some recommendations to address last mile connectivity and achieve the right share of multimodal logistics.

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