PM Modi inaugurates Phase 1 of Modi Shaikshanik Sankul in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad: The PM is on a three day visit to Gujarat from Sunday. Today is the second day of his visits. During visits, PM Modi inaugurated Phase 1 of Modi Shaikshanik Sankul, an educational complex for needy students in Ahmedabad today. The project will help provide facilities to students for holistic development as per a government release.

Addressing the public rally, the Prime Minister said that he was fortunate to perform darshan and pooja before Maa Modheshwari yesterday. The Prime Minister recalled when General Cariappa narrated an interesting story. He said that wherever General Cariappa went, everybody used to salute him out of respect, but he experienced a different kind of joy and gratification when the people of his village felicitated him during a ceremony.


The Prime Minister remarked, “today we can see people coming forward in their own way in Samaj.” The Prime Minister pointed out that everyone worked together to set up a system of education, and this collective effort is the strength of the Samaj. “The path is right, and in this way, the welfare of the Samaj can be achieved” Shri Modi added, “As a Samaj, it is a matter of great pride that they tackle their problems, overcome humiliation, yet do not come in anyone’s way.” The Prime Minister expressed happiness that everyone in the Samaj is united and thinking about its future in Kali Yuga.

The Prime Minister expressed his gratitude to his Samaj and said that he has to clear a debt of the Samaj. He further added that the son of this Samaj may have been the Chief Minister of Gujarat for a long time, and has now become the Prime Minister of the country for the second time, but even in the midst of the responsibilities of his long rule, not a single person from this Samaj came to him with personal work. Shri Modi pointed out the sanskar of the Samaj and saluted them wholeheartedly with respect.


The Prime Minister expressed happiness that more youngsters are focusing on medicine, engineering and other such streams. Laying stress on skill development, the Prime Minister talked about the hardships that may arise during completing the child’s education, and advised the parents to prepare them for skill development. He said that skill development empowers them in such a way that they will never have to look back. “When there is skill development, there is skill, then they will never have to look back. The times are changing friends, the power of those who are more skilled than those holding degrees needs a boost”, Shri Modi added.

Recalling his interaction with the Prime Minister of Singapore during an official visit to the country, the Prime Minister said that he was persuaded to visit an industrial training institute that was set up by the Prime Minister of Singapore himself. Upon visiting, the Prime Minister remembered its modernity and said that after the formation of this institution, the situation is such that rich people stand in line to get admitted. The Prime Minister added that the Samaj has also been explained its greatness, and now our children can take part in it and feel a sense of pride.


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